Beverley & District

Beverley & District are a Grade 4 Pipe Band made up of approximately 20 musicians. The band has maintained steady growth over many years, resulting in a close knit family atmosphere. The band has adopted an approach to tuition of piping and drumming that encourages inclusion, and team work.

The band has built up a regular list of bookings maintaining activity and steady focus for the members through out the year. More recently, as the band has developed it has increased its work towards competitions, which requires a higher level of focus for those that want it. Competitions allow the band to meet and integrate with like minded individuals, and provide another social outlet while generating greater motivation for practice, and improving the standard of playing.

The band has always competed in some form or another, although under it’s current leadership it has only been competing in Full band contests since 2006. The band has competed consistently since then with exception to 2013 and took it’s first band victory in 2016. For a Full Band Competition or Parade the band would field approximately 10 pipers, 4 snare drummers, a bass, and 2 tenor drummers.

PM Paul Wright
Alex Crompton
Jason Bassett
Martin Campbell
George Edwards
Morgan Gray
Jane Holmes
Phil Holmes
Alan Mather
Martin Parry
Robyn Stirton
Zara Thorpe
Fiona Timbs
Toby Bates
James Curry
Stuart Ross
James Thomas
Phil Ward
Snare Drummers
LD Phil Dickinson
Gavin Buchanan
Tony Marshall
Mike Wright
Matthew Garnier
Peter Grant
Anna Marshall

By following these links more can be discovered about the pipers and drummers that make up this band.


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