The Beginning

The Kingstown Scottish Pipe Band was formed in 1991 by members of the East Hull Army Cadet Pipe Band. The Pipe Major; Ian Small and a number of members wanted to compete in RSPBA competitions. Kingstown Scottish was formed because the Cadet Force was unable to fund the additional expenses associated with competing. The band started off quite brightly and did quite well in its first competitions. It had a great family atmosphere and excellent backing from all its members friends and relatives.


The band has had its ups and downs over the years, as do all Grade 4 Pipe Bands. Losing and gaining its fair share of members. The latest and biggest shake-up occurred at the end of the competition season of 1998 when the P/M’s position fell to Paul Wright. The change in P/M and loss of a few members brought a new lease of life to the band.

New Name

The band adopted a new name in January 2004, to mark the reorganisation in the band. The new identity, soon followed by a new L/D ; Tom McCann had a positive effect on people’s attitude to practice, which naturally bought improvements in the sound quality. Consequently the atmosphere and morale has been great ever since! With the extra publicity associated with the name change, the band attracted new members and the investment in the learners started to pay off as they came through the ranks. As the band has improved it is retaining members and growing all the time. 2006 saw the band fully return to the competition scene, after too many years only being able to enter solos and trios.

Respectable performances in 2006 and 2007 fuelled the motivation to invest more attention to blowing and tuning in the pipe corps; the results have been positive and having the taken part in the it’s first Major Championship in 2008, the band is going from strength to strength.

Supporting Roles

At the end of the 2009 season Tom McCann had to step down as Leading Drummer due to work commitments. Fortunately for the band Phil Dickinson – a well respected and qualified drummer in the area – was willing to take on the challenge. 2010 was the first year the band has ever had a Pipe Sergeant, as Lawrence Storrie joined the band. The PS / PM partnership helped significantly with the pipe tone, and although Lawrence was only involved with the band for that year, Paul is continuing to build on these improvements in the pipe section, as Phil continues to build the drum corps to hopefully produce a competitive Grade 4 band in the coming years.


Latest News