Pipe Major Paul Wright

Paul learned to play with the East Hull Army Cadet Pipe Band, and later went on to play in the Pipe Corps of Kingstown Scottish Pipe Band (Hull). Once Paul became Pipe Major in 1998, he visited other bands and talking to their Pipe Majors, attending summer schools and seminars etc to broaden his knowledge of piping. More recently Paul has competed with 101 Northumbrian Regiment Pipe Band in Grade 3A and Grade 2. All of which has helped him form an approach that is hoped to produce a longstanding and successful band in the North East of England. Paul has also successfully ventured in the field of solo piping although producing a good ‘band sound’ remains his primary focus.

Nick Bruce

Martin Campbell

Alexander Crompton

Alex joined the band at the end of the 2008 season to learn the pipes and within a couple of months was learning his first tune. He was playing his pipes by the following year, and was playing competitively with the band by 2010 and competed solo for the first time in 2011.

George Edwards

Morgan Gray

Jane Holmes

Jane’s first involvement with the band was as the Secretary in the early 90’s when it was known as Kingstown Scottish Pipe Band when husband Phil joined to learn the pipes. Shortly after, Jane decided to take up piping too.  Then in 1998 Jane added the role of Treasurer to her list of duties, and continues to play a large part in the running of the band.

Phil Holmes

Phil joined the band back in the days of Kingstown Scottish to learn to play. Phil has participated in numerous activities from Falconry to Body Building over the year. Fortunately for Beverley & District, piping remains his number one interest.

Alan Mather


Martin Parry

Charlie Sanders

Robyn Stirton

Zara Thorpe

Fiona Timbs

David Walker



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