1. Julie says:

    Just wanted to thank you for the performance at North Ferriby on Sunday. I really enjoyed the parade; and must admit – for someone who didn’t think much to Bagpipes you guys sounded great!

  2. Diane Farrah: nee caulfield says:

    just checking in to see how everyone is doing, jane, james still asks after you, hope everyones well, keep up the good work x

  3. Kenton Adler says:

    Just paying a visit from the US after receiving a nice note from Paul regarding Lyon College “Lessons on Line”. Very nice page you have, and we at Lyon wish the band well. Perhaps we’ll see you in 2005 when we go to Glasgow for the Worlds.

  4. Dominc Dickens says:

    i am a tenor drummer i the christ’s Hospital marching band. we play in all major events like the lord mayor’s show the rose parade in california and we have also played at lords cricket ground. i was really empressed by your site! anybody who is interested in more information about our band or tenor drumming feel free to email me!

  5. mr steven metcalfe says:

    hello I have just got a chanter and the green book one got onto d to e would keep thinking iam not doingit right would like to have lessons can you help point me in the right direction cheers

  6. Keep Up the Good work; you have a good site. Keep the learners coming through as we need this craft to expand and the medium of the Internet and websites is assisting in the process. John MacDonald, Hampshire Caledonian Pipe Band, Southampton, UK

  7. Ron Abbott says:

    Kind regards from the Hong Kong Pipe Band. If any of you are ever out this way; don’t hesitate to get in touch. The weather may be warm…..but at least the beer’s cold !

  8. Jack says:

    Thank you for allowing us the privilege of visiting you at Leconfield. Your hospitality was great; and you made us feel ‘at home’. Thank you also for letting us take part in your excellent Pipe and drum band. Sincerely Jack from Yorkshire Ridings Caledonian Pipes & Drums.

  9. Trevor Marshall says:

    Band looked good on today’s march from peason park will pass photo’s on to Paul

  10. weejock says:

    Good site

  11. Tom McCann says:

    Most impressed by the website i am looking forward to sounding this good too!

  12. Eryn Owen says:

    I loved the poetry section on your forum – and greetings from Canada!

  13. 2Loud MacLeod says:

    Best website I’ve seen yet for a Pipe Band!!! Well done. I think I’m moving to the UK just so I can play with your band; just to get on the website!!!! 2Loud

  14. tony lee says:


  15. Very interesting site, enjoyed the visit

  16. Jack Hammel says:

    new piper; just learning. improving my lung power. hope to attract ladies at local pub….greeting from usa

  17. chris says:

    hi there im a piper with the scunthorpe and district pipe band tried to put a link on your site to ours but dont think it worked the address is if you could rectify my mistake and add our site to ur links page id be greatful;thanks; also good luck for the upcoming comp season and hope to see you at chatsworth as we are also competing there this year for the fist time

  18. Jim Christie says:

    Hi all at Bev pipe band! just having a browse through the site and i think its great; good job. I also have managed to perfect pumpkins fancy and have been annoying the lads in the block; haha. still looking for a set of decent pipes but no luck so far. anyway; take care and ill hopefully hear about the bands success in the near future.

  19. Ken Adler says:

    Greeting Folks; Just popping in for another visit. A very nice site. Sounds like you have a good thing going there. I hope I get a chance to visit in person sometime; or at least run into you at the World’s. Scottish heritage is alive and well in the Ozark highlands. Visit our webpages at: K

  20. john shaw says:

    thank u for letting me participate on your practice evening in leconfeild being a piper myself in the irish gaurds it made my day. all the best in competing. piper john shaw.

  21. Sue says:

    Wot a hoot! Great site from a non piper.

  22. Brian says:

    Thanks to Sean to introducing me to a fab site with marvellous links and contacts

  23. Bob McDougall says:

    Hi to all those who remember the worst 3 oldest learner pipers. I have now moved lock stock and bagpipes to Cyprus. I still annoy the wife and local animals trying to play but I like it. thanks for your patience and company. keep up the good work.

  24. Ollie Brownlie says:

    Hi all; Played with you all for a very short time in 2005 (i think) it’s great to see you are all still doing so well. It was great to see Sean at the Piping Recital – Ponteland. Good Luck for the future; see you all soon!!

  25. Malcolm Steele says:

    Band required to lead Portballintrae Royal Blues Loyal Orange Lodge number 1142 on local parade in Bushmills (12th July 2007); County Antrim and on Main parade in Cloughmills (12th July 2007); County Antrim. Lodge offers accommodation in local guesthouses (paid by Lodge); meals and transportation and genereous donation. Would suit band from England or Scotland and tours of World famous Giant\\’s Causeway and Bushmills Whiskey Distillery can be arranged as part of the trip. All interested parties should email for contact details etc.

  26. Hi all; can you change our url to please (the other one doesn\\’t work). Cheers. Nice site btw

  27. Bill says:

    Just to say we saw you’s at Ashbourne. Went up form Somerset the show. Looking good guys. Hope we see you out and about next time we are up visiting my broyher in Hull. O pipey i was parked next to you at Birmingham.. Keep it up.. Regards Bill

  28. Have you visited the home of the Royal Air Force tartan designed by an ex RAF pilot.

  29. Peter Kenyon-Brodie says:

    Hope to be joining you soon!

  30. Gordon Fitzgerald says:

    Hi, just browsing after receiving a phone call from Mr Fred Woodward last night. Fred is totally responsible for teaching me to play all sections of the drum corps when I was a lad.

  31. Bill says:

    Hi..Just to ask is the Drummer Tom McCann any relation to Drummer maxy McCann for the Irish rangers.. Bill

    • Tom McCann says:

      Hello Bill, it’s nice of you to drop me a note. I am born and raised in Scunthorpe; North Lincolnshire, though my Father (also Thomas) was a Glasgow man. He was born in the Gorbals (1930), but his family moved to Partick when he was young, and later on to Easterhouse when my Uncle Alex was born. Both are dead now but came down to England in the 60’s to work on the building of the new steeworks here in Scunthorpe and helped establish the first pipe band in Scunthorpe and later another in Grimsby. Both were side drummers, having served in the RAF as national service. I have no knowledge of any existing relative to serve in the Irish Rangers/ Armed Forces etc. I am the last in the bloodline of the immediate family as it was in Glasgow and haven’t yet produced a natural heir (2 daughters + 1 stepson) though it\\’s great fun to keep trying in summary I guess the short answer to your question is no ~ I am not related to Maxy McCann. Whereabouts in the UK are you based? Kind regards – Tom McCann

    • Bill says:

      Hi Tom..Sorry for not getting back to you..Lots happening, sold my house in Somerset and moved back to Newtownards, County Down, NI..
      Was down sitting in with the Cottown pipeband while they where practicing.. Sounding good this year.. Trying to get my brother over for a holiday..He lives in Hessle.. I think i’ll have to invite my self to his for a week and then he will have to come over for a hol.. If i do get over i’ll have to look up pratice night and pop round to site in.. I meet up with Maxy McCann last year. First time we seen one another for 40 odd years.. He ended up RSM..
      Hope the year go’s great for the band Tom..
      Regards to all.. Bill..

  32. callum stenhouse says:

    hi i was just woundering if i would be able to join a band and be able to learn to play the pipes and be part of a team thanks.

  33. Edwin McCann says:

    Dear Tom McCann; My father Thomas Ross Beatie Mc Cann was born in the gorbals in 1927. He was an accomplished piper having led the BB march since he was six years old. He joined the Cameronians(Scottish Rifles) as a piper when he was fourteen and also served in both the Royal and Merchant Navy. His brothers were John; George and Robert aka Bertie. Family names include: Beattie; Jardine; MacGregor and going back a few generations to Vass. My father had strong links with the orange movement in Glasgow where he was a VIP piper. My father passed away in 1966/7 when we were kids and we lost contact with his family at this time. I would be keen to connect with my fathers family and am wondering if any of these details knit into your know. Wishing you all the very best with your work in Beverley. ER McCann London “

  34. Ian Campbell says:

    Hello folks- I was born and brought up (until 17ys) in Scunthorpe. Played with Lindsey Pipe Band. Back then we had an ugly ex yorkshire fire-brigade drummer called Fred something or other. He used to do party tricks at the back of the bus; not too sure if that would be allowed these days; however – Hello Mr Fred Woodward; I’m so glad you\\’re still on the go and looking like you\\’re enjoying it. I’m looking forward to meeting up maybe next year at some major contest? Give us a shout. Take care.

  35. John Bissett says:

    Hi, Just to say what a great web site you have. I looked at some of your clips on youtube and you were sounding well. Hopefully I’ll be back down at Normandy Barracks in the next few weeks, would love to attend a practice with you all when I’m there. Keep up the good work. Regards; John Bissett.

  36. Just wanted to say hi and to wish you all the best for the new season! Kilts of Caledonia Pipe Band Southampton, Hampshire

  37. Alan Mather says:

    Hi Paul , just to let you know that the site looks good and works well in all of the browsers I can find to try it in, see you at practice on Friday night, Al.

  38. Courtney Pate says:

    Hi Guys,
    The new site looks great. I miss playing with everyone (since 2002). Hope all is going well and good luck with the band in future gigs and competitions.

  39. Andy says: – Been to Armed Forces day in Beverley,Pipe band were good,shame about woman at 27 secs & 39 secs!

  40. Michelle Jamieson says:


    I couldn’t find an e-mail address or any contact information on the website. Please can someone let me know who I would contact regarding a possible hire.



  41. Larry says:

    Great cite, but where’s the drum scores?

  42. john schofield says:

    Stumbled upon your site looking for Heights of Dargai midi to help me along.
    What a delight and wish I had found it before.Took it up in NZ during a 12 year circumnavigation, at age of 60. Still at the stage where all I’m good for is preventing other boats from anchoring too close and now, 5 years later, irritating the neighbours. Have sold the boat and run aground in a little place called Jacobs Bay, about 100 m north of Cape Town.Quite difficult learning on one’s own, though I have had a couple of lessons from one of the pipers in the
    CT Highlanders. They are a local regiment established at the time of the Boer conflict. The band comprises volunteers only. They give a good account of themselves when they get the sponsorship to get to Edinburgh.
    Thanks again for the great site and the music.


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