Pipe Music

There are various different types of pipe music for the various types of bagpipes. In this part of the world at least, the bagpipe has become synonymous with the military, so many of the tunes you hear bands play are marches, that were written to commemorate a victory, remember a loss, give a regiment a send off or perhaps welcome them on their return.

The other tunes; i.e. the Strathspeys, Reels, Hornpipes and Jigs are pipe tunes have been derived from music for dancing, and to a lesser extent some tunes are versions of folk songs etc.

The original music that was played on the Great Highland Bagpipe, long before pipers played together in military bands, was known as piobaireachd (pronounced “pee-brock”), which is the “classical form” of music, still played by some solo pipers today.


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