A Year of Two Halves

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2010 was a year of two halves; a very positive start with trophies galore; the drum section settled down nicely after last years’ changes; and the fist appointment of a pipe sergeant brought noticeable enhancements to the tone of the pipe corps. But it was followed by the departure of just enough members to remind you that Grade 4 Pipe Bands are never far from that fine line between success and failure.

Both Fred Woodward and Bill Brand, after years of pipe band drumming, have finally decided to hang up their kilts for the last time. Everyone in the band wishes them well in their retirement, it was a pleasure and an honour to have two such well regarded members of the pipe band fraternity play out their final days with the band. Fred Evans has partly followed their lead by semi-retiring, but we’re all hoping Fred will be able to play with us in the summer months. After only a year and despite all the improvements made while working with the PM, Lawrence Storrie disappointingly decided to leave the band, everyone is grateful for what he brought to the band, and also wish him well. Finally on the departure list is Gordon Simmonds, who has made a career move taking him to the Kingdom of Bahrain! Although Gordon has shown huge commitment by putting the miles in to play with the band over the years, travelling from Saudi Arabia is asking a little too much! Guesting with the band in his time off is probably the best we can hope for!

Peter Grant – as we had hoped this time last year – has joined the drum corps, along with, more recently Gavin Buchanan. Peter has very quickly dropped into the corps and attended most of this year’s bookings, and it sounds like Gavin is on the right track to soon follow. Craig Smith also returned to the band, standing in when required on Bass this year while he gets up to speed on snare. We’ve also seen young Alec Miller and Alan Mather join us to learn the pipes and we also saw Donna Main, Janet Phillips and Chris Forest all return to piping but are all unfortunately pre-occupied with work and / or studies at present. Fingers crossed they’ll one day return after their brief visits.

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